DevOps Engineer (f/m)

Job description

The Software Team is looking for a DevOps Engineer to expand and maintain our software infrastructure environments. He or she has a solid background in system and cloud administration, uses scripting languages to his/her advantage, but also knows how to make the most out of proven platforms and services to maximize work efficiency.


The core challenge is operating cloud services and product development environments in a secure and speedy manner while working closely with our Software Developers to continuously automate deployment and testing workflows. The ideal candidate is someone who is looking for an opportunity to build, operate and scale infrastructures to support product development processes, who thrives on working closely with Software Developers and latest technologies. fosters a culture of enabling anyone to perform basic system administration tasks – the DevOps Engineer is an important contributor and facilitator of this culture.

He or she will also have a passion for biking and execute all activities with respect to the brand strategy. Beyond this the successful candidate will be comfortable working in a fast paced, collaborative environment, developing and fostering partnerships with cross functional teams.’s DevOps Engineer must be hands-on, proactive, and self-motivated.


Position is located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Administer cloud platform environment (AWS, Azure), including provisioning and operation of compute instances and other platform services, Kubernetes clusters, security, user and traffic management

  • Develop automated processes that ensure the infrastructure is configured and managed in a manner which provides confidence that it is robust and that it can be maintained by developers themselves (preferably using Containerization)

  • Design, implement, support, monitor and maintain infrastructure software platforms, including operating systems, database services (e.g. Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase), content management (e.g. Drupal) and continuous integration systems (e.g. Jenkins)

  • Identify weaknesses and risks in the network, procedures, processes, and documentation­ – lead effort to anticipate operational problems, resolve findings and improve the platform

  • Work closely with security & privacy officers to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of services and data

  • Perform basic system administration tasks in our office including maintaining networking equipment, provisioning of laptops, mobile device management, user account, password & HSM management

  • Respond to incidents (alongside software developers) with rotating on-call responsibility

  • Support developers with change requests, access, uptime, performance, build and deployment issues

  • Maintain infrastructure based on updates, system requirements, data usage and security requirements

  • Measure, optimize, and tune system performance and ensure that systems will run reliably and are highly available in a 24/7/365 production environment

  • Troubleshoot and debug environment and infrastructure issues found in the production environment

  • Manage and control the continuous release promotion cycle (through automation)



  • 3+ years experience in overall Information Technology (IT) / Systems Engineering / Operations
  • Has a deep understanding of Cloud Services, Virtualization and Containerisation
  • Has a good understanding of configuring speedy & secure networks in a cloud based environment
  • Has experience with... 
    • Preferable with experience of administering mobile and/or embedded clients with push-notification and/or firmware management patterns
    • Preferable with experience of administering Drupal
    • Preferable with experience working with public key infrastructures (e.g. Certificate Authorities, SSO/ token-based security) and/or asymmetric cryptography technologies such as SSL, RSA, ECC
    • 24x7x365 operational experience including escalation support and follow support procedures
  • Has an engineering degree or equivalent work experience. We’re more interested in your previous work than if you went to a top school. 

  • Effectively coordinate with other team members globally

  • Flexible, open minded, self-motivated, avid learner, reliable team player who wants to own the outcome